Client Reviews

Rebecca - Fairfax, VA

CareCheckers is a blessing in our lives! My mom has to take pills twice a day and is forgetful about taking them. Because CareCheckers telephones my mom for the am pill, I only have to phone my mom once a day in the evening.

CareCheckers discovered that my mom wasn't always taking her eyedrops; so, they added eyedrops to the call. Without CareCheckers careful attention to my mother's needs, I never would have known that my mom was forgetting her eyedrops some days!

Additionally, I had tried some of the computerized services, but found them to be ineffective. The personal service that CareCheckers provides ensures that a live person is on the phone with my mom until the pills are taken and the eye drops are dispensed!

Locke - Evanston, IL

Living alone in a high-rise apartment at age 83 has obvious risks. My busy family do not have time to check on my welfare, nor do I want them to be constantly concerned about me. So it is a real help and comfort to have CareCheckers phoning each morning just to see how I am. So far I've remained strong and healthy, with no emergencies -- but the service is nonetheless appreciated.

Janet - Valencia, CA

I live alone and enjoy the security of someone calling every morning to see if I'm alright.

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